Good Fences #102 and Skywatch

Good Fences #102
Skywatch Friday 2016 March 03 Edition

Met hubby for lunch, and realized I needed a fence for today’s post. Yes! I knew right where to find one.

This observation area is near the airport, and there are usually people sitting in their cars, observing. Some appear to be napping. So, I showed up. Did I mention I’m having trouble with my power door locks? I opened the door to step out for a photo op, and my car alarm went off! With me, the simplest endeavors may end in adventure! They should have hired me for those Southwest Airlines commercials: ย Wanna get away? That would have been a good time toย escape disappear.

Taxiing down the runway

Taxiing down the runway on an overcast day.

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34 thoughts on “Good Fences #102 and Skywatch

  1. oh, sorry to hear about your car alarm. hope that gets sorted out for you soon. that’s a great fence click.
    this actually brought to mind a story of when my nephew was about 3 years old. i had driven him to a place near the airport here where you could watch for planes. he had a pair of binoculars, and he loved watching the planes as they took off. but he shared too. whenever the planes were out of sight, he let me have a go with the binoculars ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Hopefully, they’ll get it all sorted out Tuesday. Thanks, I think we all like to watch airplanes. That is a cute story, and the “shared” binoculars!


  2. i like these observation areas….i am always glad someone thought of it. i get hypnotized watching them come and go!!!


  3. I love this shot. glad you thought of it… i like the perspective making the fence look bigger than the little plane. great shot… my car alarm goes off when i clutch the fob in my hand and squeeze to hard, i am sure our neighbors love the 5 am honking

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  4. I am sure you left quickly!! We once booked a get-away from the busy city at a cabin on a quiet little island. We parked the vehicle, breathed in the fresh air and enjoyed the stillness. It felt like heaven and the stress melted away. Hubby went to get our bags from the car and the alarm went off totally destroying the moment. I am surprised we weren’t asked to leave!

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    • I guess that’s going to happen, especially driving a vehicle one is not used to. I was driving the car of our son-in-law, pulled into a convenience store for a beverage, then set off the alarm getting back in. Of course, there were a couple guys out there taking it all in. Why are there always onlookers when one does such things?


      • There always seem to be onlookers. The ridiculous thing was that it was our own vehicle. Hubby had just automatically locked the car and set the alarm out of habit. Then forgot he had when he went to get the bags. I think the only onlookers were the birds and squirrels. (I hope) It sure sounded much louder in the forest!!

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  5. Funny! Don’t you hate it when stuff happens? I do. Oh well, to the shop it goes. I like to watch planes take off. When we lived in southeastern Michigan, I used to take my two kids and drive to the Detroit airport to watch planes land and takeoff, just to have something to do. Those were the days before terrorist plots. We could go straight to the gates. Great fence photo.

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