Wild Bird Wednesday #188–Snow Geese

Wild Bird Wednesday #188

Sunday we drove down to MacKay Island Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina. Many migrating waterfowl reside here from October-February. There weren’t nearly as many as we’ve seen in the past, so I’m guessing they are on their way back to their nesting grounds in the tundra of Northeastern Canada.


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27 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #188–Snow Geese

    • It is amazing, Sandra. We weren’t close enough to hear much. Before we saw them, my husband thought he heard people talking in the distance. It’s funny how sound carries.


    • You should! We saw Tundra Swans on the opposite side of the road, but those photos didn’t turn out. It’s not all that far, you pass right by it on the way to Knotts Island. Thanks!


  1. Love your picture, how awesome to see so many geese at a time. Just last week I walked out on the back porch heard a flock of geese overhead, so yes, they are starting to migrate back north!


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