Terrific Tuesday, Writers Group

Terrific Tuesday

The day began with a downpour. Around mid-day I checked the mailbox–nothing yet. I glanced toward the horizon and my heart did a happy dance. Just beneath the thick grayness stretched a band of brilliant blue. As the day progressed, blue prevailed in the battle, pushing back the source of darkness that hung heavily overhead. 

This Tuesday is special–writers group! I love these people! I never considered myself a writer, but accepted their invitation years ago–with the lure of cookies. I thought they said cookies. Now I’m pretty sure they meant KOOKY. Yes, I fit right in! Early on, I could hardly keep my voice steady when asked to read aloud. But this is a safe place. The masks are off. Writing comes from deep within, souls laid bare, and no one is judged. It’s a wonderful journey of discovery, and I enjoy traveling with this merry band of strangers who became friends. 

I have no new bird pictures this week, but I do have this not-so-perfect picture of a fluffy squirrel. I liked how its light-colored eye ring shows up in the shadow. How can I resist that cuteness? Here, take all the sunflower seed–I’ll even toss in a few peanuts for you. 

I hope you have a lovely day! 






22 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday, Writers Group

    1. Sending you some “blue sky” wishes! We did have a great time. The group was smaller than usual with illness, vacation, and conflicting meetings, but we still had around twelve attend–small enough that everyone got to share the month’s assignment and on-the-spot writing exercises. Those are the most fun, it’s whatever comes mind from a prompt, and our minds are scary! LOL


    1. Love the name of your group, Linda Kay. We were discussing at dinner just last night that our group doesn’t have a name. We may have to do something about that! I’ve found with blogging, also, that we get to know each other in a deeper sense through our writing. Thanks for sharing about your group.


    1. They’re a great group, Sandra. I have a friend who always said she was going to write a book. When I found out about this group, I invited her to a meeting where they shared some of the writers’ work and invited people to join. I thought I was just going to accompany my friend, little did I know my years of journaling would lead to a blog, and other writing.


  1. I enjoy your writings and think that it was truly meant-to-be that you met and joined the writing group.
    Your squirrel is so cute. It’s a wonderfully enchanting creature. Great photo too.

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