Willy Nilly Friday 5 #70

Willy Nilly Friday 5

1. I was determined (obviously, not nearly enough) to post early this morning. Late again. Romans 7:15 comes to mind, where Paul, the apostle, can’t understand what he’s doing, why he can’t seem to do what he wants to do, but keeps doing the same thing! 

2. I did manage to straighten up a few things around the house and sort through the endless paper that finds its way in–the notes I wrote to myself, the recipes I printed out, the catalogs that came in the mail…I’m sure you’re quite familiar with it.

3. I added a new (fun) piece of exercise equipment to my repertoire–a weighted hula hoop! Take that, flabby abs! (Talking to myself.) It really is fun, but it seemed like it was easier when I was a kid! I don’t think the ones we had then were weighted, though. 


4. I climbed the steps to the top of Mount Trashmore last week. I hadn’t been up there in a long time. It was windy and cold! That is our Town Center in the distance. 


5. And yes, I obeyed the sign and went back down via the stairs. 


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25 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday 5 #70

  1. That’s a great shot of the newest downtown in the nation.When we were married in 1968, Patty worked at Pembroke Mall across from those buildings and at that time it was just a field.


  2. he he he on the taking the stairs down.. my first smile of the day… all my life i have related to that verse and told myself when i do something really stupid/dumb that Even Paul had bad days and did dumb stuff. the other thing i tell myself when i do totally out there mistakes is Even King David who walked with the Lord, committed murder to have one woman when he had dozens already…. nothing dumber than that. it helps me put my life in perspecitve when i feel down on me


    • Thanks, Sandra. I’m glad I got to bring you your first smile today. I appreciate your encouraging words. It’s nice to be reminded from time to time that no matter how badly I mess up, His mercies are new every morning.


  3. I love it when I get the drive to clean around the house, problem being it does not come as often as I would like 😦 Congrats on your new excise piece, sounds fun. The view from a top Mount Trashmore is very nice.


    • Ha! I’m the same way, Shirley. It’s nice when I do get things straightened up a bit. The hula hoop makes me feel like a kid again. 😉 Pembroke has changed a lot in the last few years.


  4. I definitely belong to the hula hoop generation. I didn’t have an ounce to lose in those days. Now I wonder if I could still make it twirl. Ha. I would like to think so. Blessings to you, Patti…


  5. i used to love to hula hoop as a kid but i can’t keep it around my waist anymore…i heard somewhere that the cheap ones now days aren’t weighted like the ones we had as kids and that is why they are harder to work…haha i’m glad you obeyed the sign! thanks for linking and have a great weekend!!


  6. I have spent this whole week doing nothing…have had all the time in the world and cannot get motivated…I really need to straighten up and get determined enough to do some things.

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    • If you find the motivation, you have to share where you found it, Rose. I’m getting things done, but it doesn’t look or feel like it. We shall bloom again come spring. Maybe this is our dormant period, too.


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