Monday After Jonas

Monday after Winter Storm Jonas

Jonas was well-behaved in our area. Life returned to normal this morning, following a 2-hour delayed opening for schools. 

Here’s a photo taken from my front door late Friday afternoon. The roads stayed wet, I assume they salted them well. If you look closely, you can see the sheen on the new blacktop. The three middle lanes are paved, leaving the outer ones on each side to be done when the weather straightens up. There’s a steep curb up to the top of the new layer, so we can only exit the driveway to the right and go around the block if we need to go the other way. 

Was your area impacted by Winter Storm Jonas? 

29 thoughts on “Monday After Jonas

  1. We had snow, then it thawed, then more snow, then freezing rain, then snow. At least, I think that’s the order. Still lots of ice on the streets this morning, but it’s been much warmer today, and maybe won’t freeze tonight. Schools were closed today in our area.


    1. It was crazy, wasn’t it, Dianna? I enjoyed the weather today–60s! I noticed a narrow strip of snow lingering along the fence. I had two appointments and some errands, and it was a great day for it.

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  2. We’ve been blessed so far this winter. Barely a skiff of snow, but we did get 8 1/2 inches of rain recently that caused a lot of flooding. Temperatures in the 50s next weekend.


    1. This is my idea of perfect snow, here today, gone tomorrow. Wow, that was almost poetic. That’s a LOT of rain–with no place to go but up! Hope you didn’t have to deal with that. I always feel so badly for folks who live in the houses seen on the news with water up to the windows, or beyond. I just can’t imagine what it takes to clean up after a mess like that. I’m looking forward to those warmer days! It was 60s here today–enjoyed it thoroughly!


  3. I’m glad you didn’t get hit too hard in your area. We got about 28 inches here in central Jersey. No school today. No school tomorrow. That’s a lot of snow to clear – mountains of it in fact. Went out today for a brief trip in town, Lanes are narrow. I can see why they don’t want to add school buses to the mix. But I love snow days so I am enjoying time at home with the kids.


    1. Thanks! Snow days home with the kids are special. I’m glad they don’t send the buses out until it’s safe to do so. Some areas around us have mountains of snow–where parking lots have been plowed and the snow piled up.

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    1. I know what you mean. A little bit that comes and goes quickly is perfect. I feel badly for people who have to deal with so much of it. I’m so thankful hubby didn’t have to shovel it.


  4. so glad you are safe and not buried under 30 inches of snow like the capital city is. Jonas did not impact us, but we did have a really cold front for 3 days all of which we had no heat. the heat pump died, but it is back now. and the cold is gone.


    1. That’s surprising! It seems most storms go right up the coast and nail everything in its path. February and March are usually the hardest here, too. The wind, especially. Maybe it just seems worse because we’re looking forward to spring. Of course, you can’t only imagine it’s worse when shoveling snow by the foot. 😉 Have a blessed day!

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