Good Fences #96

Good Fences #96

96! Way to go, TexWisGirl! 

I was “out to lunch” with hubby today, saw the dentist, and hunted and gathered groceries to tide us over the iffy-weather weekend ahead. I made time to stop for a fence, though!


I liked the grasses on the other side.

Please stay safe if your area is impacted by winter storms. 

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39 thoughts on “Good Fences #96

    • It is a nice fence. This is our Town Center. It seems every city is building one these days. When we bought our house nearly 40 years ago, someone mentioned a future plan for a “downtown” area where the mall is, not far from the interstate. It was probably 30 years before ground was broken.


    • This is our Town Center area. They did put in a nice fence. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. We were snowed in for the weekend, but it appears life returned pretty much to normal, with only a 2-hour school delay. Surrounding cities harder hit cancelled school until Tuesday.


    • Glad to see you’re back. The temperature keeps rising here (along the coast). We had some snow, but it turned to rain. More on the way Saturday. Inland and north of us are getting a lot of snow–my daughter (north) is delighted. Thanks!


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