Willy Nilly and Friday’s Hunt

This week I’m combining Willy Nilly Friday 5 #67 and 
Friday’s Hunt where the prompts are Starts with C, Week’s Fave, and Inside. Click the links below the post to join in the fun!


Cape Henry Trail

Cape Henry Trail–starts with C


Red-bellied Woodpecker--my week's favorite

Red-bellied Woodpecker–my week’s favorite


Cream Puffs--made while inside on a cold day

Cream Puffs–made while inside on a cold day

4. I’ve tried to take advantage of cold days by cleaning house and getting rid of clutter. Maybe I’ll be done by spring! 

5. A nor’easter is in our forecast for the weekend. Thankfully, another low-pressure system is coming from the west, so our area should be spared the brunt of the storm. Sounds perfect for a football-playoff weekend. Do you have a favorite NFL team?

Friday’s Hunt v1.3



34 thoughts on “Willy Nilly and Friday’s Hunt

    • It is a great trail, but busy sometimes. It’s the only trail for bikes in that state park, and it provides a shortcut to the beach. The packed surface is popular for runners, too. Thanks, the woodpecker was just hanging out, made an easy target for the camera. Hope you have a wonderful week, too.


  1. I would love to pack a few of those cream puffs and take my camera down that beautiful trail. but after the storm is gone. that same storm is headed here and should hit between midnight and 2 am per our weather guy today


  2. What a beautiful trail to walk! I’m very jealous of the green since we are cold and snowy. Lovely woodpecker. They are one of my favorites! Hope the storm isn’t too bad. If so, at least you have those yummy looking cream puffs.

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    • Thanks, Eileen. The woodpecker looks like he’s eating well. 🙂 I didn’t share cream puffs with him, though. There’s still one left–with your name on it! Hope you’re having a great weekend. We had a lovely-warm!-day today, but temperatures are taking a dive Sunday.


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