Friday’s Hunt v1.2 and Skywatch Friday

Friday’s Hunt v1.2 and Skywatch Friday

I’m trying a new photo meme link-up with Eden Hills. Click the link for details, everyone is welcome to join. 

This week we have Starts with B; Week’s favorite; and Outside

Gee, let me think what starts with B. How about BIRD? (You never would have guessed, right?)

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

My favorite shot this week:

White-throated Sparrow

This is one of those shots where the camera couldn’t quite do justice to the true colors in the clouds. 

Also linking to Skywatch Friday

Thanks to all our hosts: Teresa @ Eden Hills, and Yogi, Sandy and Sylvia at Skywatch Friday



35 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v1.2 and Skywatch Friday

    1. Good morning! I’ve still only seen three of the sparrows–there’s one pair that comes early and stays late. But usually there’s a dozen or more in winter. The weather is weird this year, it’s hard to say where they might be. Maybe some of the bird count programs will shed some light in that.


  1. I love sparrows. I think they are very underrated. The varying shades of brown in their feathers is just so pretty. They are very sweet little birds. I know what you mean about the sky – sometimes it’s such a disappointment to see the photo when you know how magnificent the reality was

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    1. Thank you. They come here for the winter and join the Dark-eyed Juncos and assorted other sparrows pecking at seeds on the ground. We cleared a small area so the roaming cats can’t sneak up on them.


  2. I’ll have to check out that new meme – always looking for blog topics. That’s always disappointing when the sky is SO beautiful, and you just can’t get the picture to do it justice.

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  3. A really nice series of images! We have plenty of Yellow-rumped Warblers (also called “Butterbutts”, another “B” word) at this time of year but we seldom see a White-throated Sparrow. I love their clear call.
    Thanks for sharing these!


  4. I love it when the sky shows every shade of blue, purple, lavender, and pink all at the same time. But, when the photo appears, the dazzle isn’t quite there. I can see in your lovely sky photo all the depth of colors that may not all have shown up as they appeared in the sky. Still, this is a beautiful photo. Blessings to you, Patti…


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