A Few Visitors Dropped In

A Few Visitors–Wild Bird Wednesday–Brown-Headed Cowbird

My Nikon packed its bag and left for the Camera Hospital today. I did snap this flock of Brown-headed Cowbirds before it left. 

Brown-headed Cowbirds are nest parasites–the female damages or removes another bird’s egg from it’s nest and lays one of her own in its place.


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13 thoughts on “A Few Visitors Dropped In

  1. I have not seen any of these here but right now we have a zillion black birds.. flocks fill the skies and make them black. and they are all screaming ha ha ha ha as they fly over. hope the camera gets back soon


  2. i think they’re beautiful, even if rotten parents. 🙂 we had a flock of over a thousand grackles hit here yesterday. roosted in trees all around the pond for a few moments, making one heckuva racket. then ‘whoosh!’ off they flew!

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  3. They also just dominate the bird feeders sometimes! I am so thankful they are not here every day. If they were I would not put out any food.


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