Good Fences #90

Good Fences

It’s a sad day. My Nikon is boxed up for shipment to the repair shop. Good thing I got this photo of the Northern Mockingbird, with its Euonymous berry, perched atop a Good Fence before it was too late!

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40 thoughts on “Good Fences #90

    • Thanks! I lost confidence in the first repair service when they couldn’t send me a printable estimate, then couldn’t find where I’d filled out the online paperwork! It was suggested I just send the camera in without a work order. I found another place that appears more professional, and their packing suggestions were better, too.


    • Yes, it is difficult when a camera seems like a body part! I changed my mind about the first repair place after I had to call them. I found another and feel much better about it, but the research took extra days, so it’s that much longer without it.


    • Thanks, Debby. It was getting next to impossible to get a shot at all. The bird would be long gone before I could get the camera to focus. It’s been acting up for a couple months, I should have sent it off sooner, but I hoped it wouldn’t come to that.


    • WordPress takes care of the snow, I didn’t have to do anything this year. That’s right, you’re a Mockingbird fan! He’d been plucking berries inside the shrub, then finally came out. I’m glad he patiently waited for me to get the photo. Had second thoughts about the first repair shop, so I found another. Got it shipped today–Tuesday. Blessings to you.


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