Wild Bird Wednesday–#176

Wild Bird Wednesday

Some of the White-throated Sparrows returned recently. They breed mostly in Canada, but spend their winters across much of the eastern and southern United States, and even westward to California. 

White-Throated Sparrow

White-Throated Sparrow

Thanks for looking!
If you’d like to see a Brown (or Common) Noddy, click on over to Wild Bird Wednesday to see Stewart’s fantastic photos. You can share your bird photos, too. See you there!


14 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–#176

  1. Pattis, I am just off to MAlawi now and thought you would like to know that the news is good. Allhtough everyone (car crash) has whiplash and Daniel left side of his face looks like he has one 10 ounds with M Ali, they are OK. The Cure Hospital are leaning us a car to make out planned trip to Zambia so that is wonderful news. I know I will NOT have internet there but while away I will read posts (when I can and internet permits) but am NOT commenting. I have schedduled all my posts in. Have a lovely Christmas.

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