Good Fences #89

Good Fences

These reeds make a natural fence. I don’t know if these are phragmites, an invasive, non-native plant which spreads by rhizomes and takes over many acres of wetland, crowding out native plants. If so, this would not be a good fence.


good fences


35 thoughts on “Good Fences #89

    • I like the grasses, too, but I don’t like invasive things. Somehow bamboo got started near the fence line, and it was determined to pop up in the middle of everything. When it spreads underground, it’s hard to control.


    • Thanks, Carol Ann. This invasive plant offers nothing of value as a food source for wildlife, and crowds out the plants that do. Blessings to you! I see you have a blog post, hope to get back to read after running today’s errands.


  1. A natural fence like this, I like even better than a wood or metal one (except with the very elaborate metal ones)! Where I live, it would attract wildlife, instead of keeping them away:):)


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