Thanksgiving Week Randomness

Thanksgiving Week Randomness

I don’t know where to start! (Those of you who know me well wonder how this differs from any other day.)

This week I discovered I’m not the only birdwatcher in my backyard.


For all my cat-loving fans. 😀

Golden hour makes everything glow.

Northern Cardinal, male

Northern Cardinal, male

I spied the yellow rump of a Yellow-rumped Warbler. They don’t hold still very long.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Had two appointments Tuesday, hair and eyes. With a grocery trip in between, the entire day was shot. My stylist looked at my hair and said she didn’t want me celebrating Thanksgiving with hair that looked like I just got out of bed. She had something new in mind. It looked great when I left the salon…

Received a good report on the eye exam. Since I had that big birthday this year, I got dilating drops and further examination. 

We plan to spend the holiday with family; Saturday is our 40th wedding anniversary. I’ll visit your blogs as I can, but won’t be posting until Monday. I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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42 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week Randomness

  1. Hi Patti, I am so behind on comments due to this vertigo. It certainly slows you down. So from memory…I miss the sunlight, I watch birds too. Congratulations on 40 years, something to really celebrate! Last week I looked up the difference between a red bellied and red headed woodpecker. And I too am conscientiously looking for God. He is there, even when my mind is elsewhere!

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