Random Catch-up

Random Catch-up

Tis the season to be busy! Here’s the random catch-up that I didn’t get to on Friday. 

1. They weren’t kidding when they described the days of fall and winter as “short.” I think more is missing than just daylight!

2. Saturday brought a beautiful day–perfect for cleaning up the yard and garden. No jackets needed, it is a wonderful memory!  And then…Sunday came with the gift of rain and a chill in the air.  Today the sun warms and brightens, inviting one to come out and play. Do not be fooled by it! The winds that howled all night still blow, just not as loud. And it’s 40 F, instead of 60. (sniffle)

3. The number of flowers still in bloom surprised me (once I cleared out the dead and decaying bits from the wildflower garden). The lorapetalum blooms now, too. 

4. Hubby aggravated his back last month preparing for the new HVAC installation. With that, and the loss of a member of his team at work, he hasn’t been able to accomplish much around the house. Much to my delight, he put my desk back together Sunday, and assembled the new chair. A clean desktop inspires me. 

5. When I got the mail (inundated with sale flyers) this morning, a cold gust hit me squarely in the face. Reality set in. I pulled the summer tops and shorts from the closet and replaced them with sweaters and long pants. On the bright side, birds are busy at the feeders! Yellow-rumped Warblers once again contend for rights to the peanut butter, a Tufted Titmouse stops by more often for peanuts, a pair of White-throated Sparrows brings the promise that more are on their way. Maybe autumn isn’t so bad after all. Did I mention Panera Bread has Holiday Bread this season? (Click the link for a peek.)

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16 thoughts on “Random Catch-up

  1. Hello, your flowers are so pretty. Ours are gone now. Sorry about your hubby’s back I hope he feels better now. Nice variety of yardbirds. Do you fed the birds regular peanut butter or is it spread on something? Have a great week ahead and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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