Good Fences #87

Good Fences

I had to trawl the archives to find a good fence shot this week. Here’s the High Mallow in bloom (July) with fencing in the background. 


Summer, I miss you. Please hurry back. 

good fences


43 thoughts on “Good Fences #87

    • I love these flowers, one of the first plants I bought when I decided to make a flower garden. I saw new ones popped up outside the bed, in an area I was thinking to put more irises.


    • It’s frustrating to know I have a particular picture but can’t find it. I need to pay more attention in labeling them. I’ve been making folders on my computer, but some of the older ones are floating somewhere in cyberspace.


  1. I like that beautiful color! High Mallow makes the fence look like a piece of art. I am a summer kind of person myself in most locations, but Arizona is too hot in summer. Mornings and evenings are too cool in winter here, but afternoons are just right. I’m online again but not for long.

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    • It popped right in there, didn’t it? I was surprised to find so many flowers still (once I cleared out the deadness from the wildflower garden). We worked in the yard, Saturday; Sunday it rained, and then the wind came and temps dropped. Blessings to you, dear Maxi.

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