Thanksgiving Week Randomness

Thanksgiving Week Randomness

I don’t know where to start! (Those of you who know me well wonder how this differs from any other day.)

This week I discovered I’m not the only birdwatcher in my backyard.

For all my cat-loving fans. ūüėÄ

Golden hour makes everything glow.

Northern Cardinal, male

I spied the yellow rump of a Yellow-rumped Warbler. They don’t hold still very long.

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Had two appointments Tuesday, hair and eyes. With a grocery trip in between, the entire day was shot. My stylist looked at my hair and said she didn’t want me celebrating Thanksgiving with hair that looked like I just got out of bed. She had something new in mind. It looked great when I left the salon…

Received a good report on the eye exam. Since I had that big birthday this year, I got dilating drops and further examination. 

We plan to spend the holiday with family; Saturday is our 40th wedding anniversary. I’ll visit your blogs as I can, but won’t be posting until Monday. I hope you have a wonderful week!¬†

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Random Catch-up

Random Catch-up

Tis the season to be busy! Here’s the¬†random catch-up that I didn’t get to on Friday.¬†

1. They weren’t kidding when they described the days of fall and winter as “short.” I think more is missing than just daylight!

2. Saturday brought a beautiful day–perfect for cleaning up the yard and garden. No jackets needed, it is a wonderful memory! ¬†And then…Sunday came with the gift of rain and a chill in the air.¬†¬†Today the sun warms and brightens, inviting one to come out and play. Do not be fooled by it! The winds that howled all night still blow, just not as loud. And it’s 40 F, instead of 60. (sniffle)

3. The number of flowers still in bloom surprised me (once I cleared out the dead and decaying bits from the wildflower garden). The lorapetalum blooms now, too. 

4. Hubby aggravated his back last month preparing for the new HVAC installation. With that, and the loss of a member of his team at work, he hasn’t been able to accomplish much around the house. Much to my delight, he put my desk back together Sunday, and assembled the new chair. A clean desktop inspires me.¬†

5. When I got the mail (inundated with sale flyers) this morning, a cold gust hit me squarely in the face. Reality set in. I pulled the summer tops and shorts from the closet and replaced them with sweaters and long pants. On the bright side, birds are busy at the feeders! Yellow-rumped Warblers once again contend for rights to the peanut butter, a Tufted Titmouse stops by more often for peanuts, a pair of White-throated Sparrows brings the promise that more are on their way. Maybe autumn isn’t so bad after all. Did I mention Panera Bread has Holiday Bread this season? (Click the link for a peek.)

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Share Your World–2015 Week 46

Share Your World

Here are Cee’s questions for this week. I hope you’ll share your answers with us.¬†

What type of popular candy do you not like to get?
Sour types and marshmallow

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500? 

Where do you eat breakfast?
Wherever I happen to be! I have a smoothie or protein shake most days. 

Would you rather ride one of the worlds longest zip lines or bungee jump one of the highest in the world? This will come with a 5-day all expense vacation.
I’ll take the zip line, I know a bungee jump wouldn’t be good for this body.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I’m grateful we were able to spend the past weekend with family, I look forward to a concert date with hubby.¬†


Willy Nilly Friday 5 #61

Willy Nilly Friday 5

1. For her birthday, our granddaughter requested something to make waffles. We got her one of these, since they are a family of nine. (Click the image for info.) It was a hit and the house smelled of waffles all weekend–but I’m not sure that’s a good thing!¬†








2. The weather forecast predicted below-freezing temperatures overnight, so I wasn’t sure what we were getting ourselves into! It warmed up nicely during the day, so it worked out, after all. I got a text that our area at home had a frost warning–and I remembered I’d left the potted daisy plants outside.¬†

3.¬†We came home to see the neighbors planted hedges along part of the property line–and had pruned the large azalea–too late in the season for that as they bloom on the previous year’s growth. They had also cleaned up the bed I’d neglected on our side of the property line. That was a blessing, as I’d considered moving the irises and catmint, and planting something different in there. However, three catmint plants and the irises are gone.

Walker’s Low Catmint
Bearded Iris

4. Karen walks 5-6 miles nearly every day. She inspired me to order weather-proof jacket and pants so I can take back those not-too-cold rainy days that keep me indoors on the treadmill. 

5. Not a very good photo, but I can’t help but smile to find a Carolina Wren tucked up inside the awning at night.¬†

Carolina Wren tucked in for the night.

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Skywatch Friday

Skywatch Friday

It’s Friday, the end to an emotion-filled week. Thursday we said our final goodbyes to a dear friend. Doctor’s appointments and birthday preparations filled the other days, and we look forward to some family time. I’ll try to catch up with randomness on Monday. Sorry for my absence from your comment sections, and thanks for visiting mine. Love you bunches!¬†


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