Tatarian Aster

Tatarian Aster

Saw these recently at the botanical garden. Not much to write, rain and intermittent electrical issues here today. The power returned, so I hope to get this posted, in case it goes off again. Didn’t get to visit your blogs much today, hopefully that will go better tomorrow. 


38 thoughts on “Tuesday

    • The color is different from our other fall flowers, so they really caught my eye. The power went off for 3.5 hours, shortly after I posted! I’ve only had to reset clocks twice today. 😉


    • I can’t believe I’ve never seen these before. I need to find a spot for some in my garden. 🙂 Dominion’s website said a cross arm (on a utility pole, I suppose) burned out down the street from us. We lost power this morning, and apparently again while I was out today, because clocks were flashing when I came home. No problems since then, so hopefully it’s fixed.


    • Thankfully, we don’t have electric problems often. We’re on the same grid as a hospital and fire/rescue services. We usually aren’t without power long, but it sure was annoying to have it cut on and off every few minutes.


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