Willy-nilly Friday 5 #57

Willy-nilly Friday 5 #57

1. I tried to get a picture of this Cardinal on the birdbath. Looks like the water disappeared–and I think the Cardinal copped an attitude with me.


2. Getting no respect, I went for a hike. 


Same story here! What is this bird world coming to!

3. Forget the birds! I turned my attention to the scenery.


There. That’s better.

4. I did catch someone’s attention.


5. Then I spied what appears to be a tattered Pearly Eye (E. portlandia) Satyr. While many butterflies prefer bright sun, these make their home in the dappled shadows of the forest. DSCN3284

That’s it for this week’s randomness. Enjoy your weekend! 

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24 thoughts on “Willy-nilly Friday 5 #57

  1. The pictures of the birds are too funny! The butterfly and the squirrel were good subjects even if the birds were not!! Have a good weekend.


  2. This was great! I had never seen so much “tude” on one day!And then you mentioned the pearly eyed, and I, who fancies herself a bird nerd, could not wait to see what feathered wonder you referred —and it was the sun dappled butterfly! Thanks for the education! Now I have to go back and look up the correct name in your blog. I liked the humor and photographs in this beautiful nature walk. Good weekend Suzi!


    • Thanks, Donna! I had never even heard of “Pearly Eyed” until I tried to identify the butterfly. There’s always something new to learn, isn’t there? Hope you have a great week! –Patti (Sorry for my confusing name configuration–I have a local friend with the same name as mine and people got us mixed up on social media. I inserted my daughter’s nickname as a middle name to help clarify that. “Suzi’sMom” also identifies me to her friends.)


    • I expected to get a tail shot, too, after being snubbed by the birds. In fact, I saw quite a lot of tails as they scampered away–moving much more quickly in the woods than here in the backyard.


  3. When I lived in Boston we had a cardinal in the backyard. I spent so many hours trying to get a photo. They all have attitude, but gosh they’re cute.


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