Willy-nilly Friday 5–Caterpillar Disappearance Solved!

Willy-nilly Friday 5

1. The Great Caterpillar Mystery is no longer a mystery! The bandit was caught on *surveillance video.
*my camera

Northern Cardinal

Northern Cardinal, juvenile male

Would you like a napkin to expunge the evidence?

Would you like a napkin to expunge the evidence?

2. Our Northern Mockingbird is back and singing. He does a perfect imitation of a car alarm that goes off down the street. 

He kept puffing and shaking his feathers, thought he would hop in the birdbath.

He kept puffing and shaking his feathers, thought he would hop in the birdbath.

3. I walked six+ miles today at First Landing State Park

Mushroom looks like a birdbath.

Trooping Funnel? Mushroom looks like a birdbath.

4. Looks like one of the mermaids escaped Norfolk. 


To see more, open menu on the left and scroll categories to Norfolk Mermaids.

5. Bath time!

House Sparrow

House Sparrows

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52 thoughts on “Willy-nilly Friday 5–Caterpillar Disappearance Solved!

    • I didn’t realize this trail actually leaves the park and leads west, through neighborhoods and behind local businesses. It wasn’t in the park area. I’d love to know how she got there–and why she’s hidden.


    • I was so tempted to bring any other caterpillars inside, but the temperatures have cooled considerably. They need to stay outside rather than emerge indoors when there are so few flowers left.


  1. Mockingbirds are one of my favorites! We had one around for awhile that imitated our whistle for the dog to come. The poor dog would get up from his snoozing and wander around trying to find who was whistling for him!!


    • LOL Poor dog! The Mockingbirds are so entertaining. At least, I think so. He sits on the peak of our roof and carries on. Every so often I recognize something other than birdsong and have to laugh. He’s really good at making me think there’s a Tufted Titmouse at the feeder.

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  2. Great pictures as always. How pretty is that mockingbird. What a find of a mermaid covered in bush, different that’s for sure.


    • I know, not nearly enough butterflies, Debbie. I am, and that I could still get out of bed this morning! LOL I felt it (stiffness) when going down the stairs, though. I’m looking forward to my next hike already, have to go before it gets too cold. Next time I’ll wear my regular backpack instead of the cross-body sling-type camera bag on one shoulder.


    • Thanks, Ida. I guess feeding birds and attracting butterflies isn’t a good idea. That mushroom was big enough for a birdbath, too! There were several sparrows in our birdbath at once, until I got the camera focused, of course. This trail led out of the park and through some neighborhoods, and behind businesses. That’s where the mermaid was found. Norfolk has/had a Mermaids on Parade program, and this one looks like the ones made for that. Some were stolen, so that makes me wonder about this one.


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