Good Fences #80

Good Fences #80

This looks like a pretty good fence, but I doubt it can hold back that storm. This was taken at my daughter’s mid-September. 


All eyes are on hurricane Joaquin. We’ve gotten close to three inches of rain from another coastal storm, not the best scenario to be followed by more rain and high winds. 

I returned home today to find two good-sized branches had fallen from the oak–one on the shed, one on the ground.


The squirrels now have a diving board off the shed.


Everybody stay safe out there! 

good fences


13 thoughts on “Good Fences #80

  1. We need rain here… I wish we could take some of yours. I’m glad your storm damage wasn’t worse… Your comment about the squirrels made me smile. We lost a tree last year, it fell across our pond and partially landed on our deck. The squirrels thought we had built them a bridge. Stay safe, I hope sunny weather is ahead f


  2. Oooh…those are some pretty scary scenes…our worse rain is yet to come tonight. Relieved to hear Joaquin isn’t the threat that they were thinking he could be though! Stay safe an dry!


  3. hope the limb did no damage the shed. we have had no weather here other than rain. lots of rain this summer. it looks like Joquaim is headed East, and they sure don’t need more rain in the NE..


  4. We sure have had our share of rain in Virginia Beach haven’t we, Patti! So sorry about the tree branches. Hope it didn’t do any damage to your shed. Please be safe.


  5. Glad everyone is safe and no serious damage, Patti. Here in Florida lots o’ rain and steady haulin’ palm fronds to the road for pick up. Also, have to pick up shards, fill barrels and wheel to road. This is non-stop on our acre this time of year.
    blessings ~ maxi


  6. same scenario here, but the hurricane stayed far to the east. we did have a lot of flooding but not in my neighborhood!!!!


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