Butterfly Release

Butterfly Release 

Sadly, I have no bird pictures to share this week. Not yet, anyway. So today I’m sharing the butterfly garden at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

This is the last week for the Butterfly House. Tagging of the Monarchs takes place Saturday, and then the release. It looks like the flowers are ready to welcome them. Click the blue link for more information, in case you are in the area.

26 thoughts on “Butterfly Release

  1. Now this would be a wonderful event to be present at when they release the butterflies. I am amazed they travel 100 miles in a dat. I could not find out how they tag them on that site, perhaps you know? I cannot imagine how you would catch and tag them all.

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    1. She explained the process, and said they would train the proper way to capture, hold, tag and document. I know they use a small round tag, and attach it to a hind wing. (A tagged Monarch visited our garden some years ago.)


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