Random Five

Random Five

I have so much to share, I hope five is enough. 

1. Horses! (Now that I have your attention…)
More photos from our backroads adventure to the writing retreat:

Nice barn

Nice barn


A peek inside

A peek inside

2. Coming home, one of my writing friends said she was up for a ride-along. She said I could stop for pictures if we could visit a yarn shop on the way home. We used Google to see what was in the area, and yes, there was one on our way. She was not prepared for what we found–out in the middle of nowhere. I’ll share more about the Yarn Barn on another post.

A different kind of barn

A different kind of barn

3. I’m so happy to have a zoom feature on my Nikon Coolpix P600. On a walk with another friend, I thought I could make out animal shapes in the shade of a tree–that or the tree had a lot of “legs.” I zoomed in to see what was there.

ID? Y'all know I'm a city girl.

Mule, donkey, hinny, other? Y’all know I’m a city girl, right?

4. Here’s a shot from the bridge near the retreat in the bright mid-afternoon sun:


5. Several bloggers have been showing off their hummingbirds and beautiful feeders. I’d given up on the little buggers and gave my old feeder to my daughter. Now the time for their migration is at hand, so I thought I’d try again. 

I'm glad I did! This one has a red glass bottle.

I’m glad I did! This feeder has a red glass bottle.

Tanya is back! Linking to






43 thoughts on “Random Five

  1. Wonderful photos, Patti…your retreat looks and sounds like it was awesome. What exactly does one do a such a retreat? I have another write friend that goes on a retreat such as yours…I love the whole idea…what a great place!


    • Our retreat lasted two nights. We watched a movie together both nights, then discussed the writerly side of it–what worked for us, what didn’t. Each meal was prepared by a different person. At our first breakfast a devotion was read, and each person stated their objective for the time. Quiet little nooks provided good places to read/write. At the second breakfast, we evaluated how well we did with that objective. Our group filled the rooms; if not, the rules of the house asked visitors to maintain quiet until 5:30 p.m. out of respect to other writers. Our writers group meets once a month, so we don’t get to know each other, except through reading our writing exercises. This retreat afforded a great opportunity to build relationships and encourage one another.


    • Thanks, Linda. Those little hummers seem to know when the camera is in hand and disappear. My daughter read they go to digest what they drank, then come back. I noticed ours doesn’t stay away too long.


  2. omgoodness, i NEED to go to that yarn barn, i can’t even!!!! love the barn, the shape and that color.

    awesome capture of the hummer, i have not been getting too many this year!!!!


    • The Yarn Barn said most of her business is done online, rarely does she get walk-ins. She has a FB page, too. It’s inspiring, and I don’t even knit or crochet! I’m so happy to have that little hummer visit. I’ve only seen the one, but maybe migration will bring a new visitor or two.


  3. I really enjoyed your Random 5…You have got me really curious about the Yarn Barn. Will click on the link later….we have been gone for a couple days and then brought our granddaughter home for a couple nights and I am behind on blogging.

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