Good Fences #74

Good Fences


Things start looking a little rough when August rolls around, whether you’re a fence or a Goldfinch. Bright yellow feathers will soon be replaced with more subdued “khakis” for winter.

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33 thoughts on “Good Fences #74

  1. I saw the goldfinches about a week ago. The migration is on – we don’t usually see them earlier. Haven’t seen the waxwings yet though, but the geese are flying overhead already.

    This morning we had a sharp shinned hawk in the yard chasing a songbird down. Haven’t seen one of those in the yard before either, just the red tails.

    I hope all is well with you! My hours are still full-time and I don’t think I’ll be back to part-time for another month. Looks like I’ll have a permanent part-time position though when this contract ends.


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    • A hawk made an appearance here Thursday, but it left empty-handed. Permanent part-time might not be a bad thing. All is well here. Eight gals from our group are going on a writers retreat M-W next week. I have s feeling the time will pass quickly.

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  2. I see the changes coming here too…yes, everything looks a bit rough and worn. I’m glad for the black eyed Susan’s…a bright spot in our fading garden. It was cold here. The hummingbirds were all puffed up to keep warm, I’m guessing their days here are numbered. The photo was perfect!


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