Friday Randomness

Friday Randomness

Sharing a few random thoughts from this week. 

1. Our pretty yellow Goldfinch is losing his brilliant feathers already. 


Someone needs to clean the birdbath…

2. I learned a shadier spot will decrease algae growth in the birdbath. Looks like we’ll need to move it.

3. I walked around the lake at Mt. Trashmore this afternoon, and around the neighborhood with hubby this evening. Nothing but blue sky this afternoon.


4. Lots of company at the park on a beautiful day.


5. I liked the Great Blue Heron‘s reflection earlier this week.


That’s it for my randomness. What have you been up to?
I’m having trouble staying awake, hope to catch up with your blogs this weekend. Have a great one!


29 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. That’s the only thing about birdbaths: having to constantly clean them! It’s worth it, though, when you see those little beauties enjoying the fresh water. Happy weekend to you, Patti.


    • Thanks! I started to crop the Goldfinch, but I liked the reflection, too, and left it in. I had a feeling there’d be “ick” in then birdbath wherever it is. I did move the plastic ones to a shadier spot to experiment with them.

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    • It is a nice place. They’ve added work-out stations around the lake, too. It’s nice to see people taking advantage of opportunities to keep their bodies fit. Blessings to you. You’ll have to visit it when you come to VB!


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