Friday’s Randomness

Friday’s Randomness

1. I got a surprise this morning! Hubby called, he was unable to work in his office and was on his way home. 

2. It was 82F degrees, with a light breeze, so we spent the afternoon at the botanical garden. 

3. I learned that the large circular sculpture with strings and leaves (in previous post) is in the Reflection Garden. This garden was added in fall 2013 during the 75th anniversary. I’ll continue research for more answers. 

4. I’m having trouble with my browser and unable to add photos to my post. 😦

5. I’m calling it a day, maybe everything will work in the morning! LOL All life’s problems should be solvable by a good night’s sleep, don’t you think? Have a great weekend! I hope to catch up on visiting you, too.