Wordless Wednesday



35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    • I hadn’t see this area before, Margaret. I looked at the website to try to find out more about it, to no avail. I’ll have to see what I can learn on my next visit.


  1. Lovely photo. I’m doing a lot better now with my iPad. Just taking me a while to get used to the touch of it. I keep doing things I don’t want to. : )


    • Thank you! Oh, I can relate to doing things you don’t want to on the iPad. Before I got one, our SIL handed me his to look at a printer on Amazon and by the time I finished looking, I’d ordered paper for it! LOL So many ads and clickable links on a page, especially when I’m trying to read a news story, it can be frustrating. I need to pay more attention to where I put my finger to scroll the page. And when I set up my account on Amazon, I DID NOT get 1-click ordering!


    • That seems to be the question of the day, Abby! And I don’t really know, other than a sculpture in one of the gardens at the botanical gardens. I’m going to see if I can learn more about it on my next visit.


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