Friday Randomness

Friday Randomness

Tanya is taking a break this month from Willy Nilly Friday 5, but I’m still posting randomness

1. I managed to delete photos from a memory card before downloading them to the computer. I don’t multitask well, so if there’s a distraction, anything can happen! I’m glad I didn’t lose too many. Thankfully, there was a good bit of rain in our weekend, and most of my photos were shot with the trusty iPhone 6 Plus.

Dedicated rail/steam fans

Dedicated rail/steam fans

2. At every crossing and area where 611 (steam locomotive) was visible she was greeted by a group of adoring fans.


3. The Vitex came back well after a good pruning this spring. It has lots of fans, too–bees, butterflies, etc.

4. Hubby aggravated his back, so the lava rock “mulch” is still in the bags. It’s been too hot to work on it, anyway.


5. I found these two little cuties when deadheading the bee balm today. I didn’t realize the second one was there until downloading photos–now I wonder if the larger one was considering what to have for lunch. Yes, deadheading was long overdue!

The weekend is upon us again. I hope you have a great one! 





37 thoughts on “Friday Randomness

  1. I love reading your random thoughts…and love it when I get a surprise when I download a pic! Talk about distracted, I ordered something for daughter anniversary and almost had the wrong date printed…it is still haunting me…making me wonder if I still messed up something.


    • I couldn’t believe how many folks were out there in the rain. Some were very serious about it with their tripods and umbrellas. I realized just about everyone we saw had a cell phone taking pictures and video.


  2. Great post—and yes—I easily get distracted as well and mess things up when that happens. Glad you only lost a few photos because that would have been really sad. Love the last shot—amazing photo.


    • I’m quite pleased with the photo quality of my iPhone. Even when I’m carrying my camera the phone is in a pocket for quick shots. Thank you, Carol Ann. Blessings to you!


  3. We would LOVE to see the 611 – and ride on it! Did you ride???
    This is my first year growing bee balm; I didn’t realize you were supposed to deadhead it. Do you have some helpful hints?

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    • Yes, we did–Roanoke to Radford. Once all the petals are gone I cut it back to the next blossom. I don’t know that you have to, but ours fall over if I don’t.


  4. there is nothing better, than a surprise like that, when plugging in. it’s a great shot. i find deadheading and pruning to be the best medicine for any plant, especially ones that bloom!!!!!


    • Thanks! I’m getting braver with pruning. I hadn’t had large shrubs or a tree I could do myself. It was satisfying to clean up the Lorapetalum and create open space deep within it. There was a lot of deadness after the harsh winter, it bears the brunt of the north wind. I’d like to have a partial fence to shelter it a bit. It looks much better now. 😀


  5. love the vitex and the bug considering the bug for lunch.. i love finding things i did not see with the camera when i upload… I did the same thing once with my camera, deleted about 50 photos.. arrrhhh


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