Good Fences #68

Good Fences #68

Sharing a couple GOOD FENCES found on our trip to Roanoke, VA this past weekend.

Fencery in Motion  (aka Drive-by)

Fencery in Motion
(aka Drive-by)

Please ignore the vehicle interior that frames and divides this shot. 😉


Dear General Motors, Could I get an express-down button for the driver’s window installed on the passenger side, please? Love, Patti

good fences


32 thoughts on “Good Fences #68

  1. The fence in motion is beautiful and what an amazing sky photo. I take a lot of photos from the front seat of my car too! We always need to keep our camera handy, don’t we? Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane


    • Thanks, Diane. 🙂 True, I miss too many shots if I don’t try to take advantage of the opportunities. It’s a good thing hubby drives, I’d never get anywhere.


    • Thanks! I was glad to be able to salvage a couple shots, so many are deleted. Apparently, there are quite a few of us who shoot on the fly! It is the weekend already–enjoy!


  2. I like your “drive by.” The blur of colors is vividly arty and the motion compelling. Imagine the sound of Willie Nelson singing “On the Road Again” in the background. The sun setting over the white fence is also lovely.


    • Thanks, Beth Ann! No, especially when the message has to be relayed through another person! You have a great weekend, too. I’ve caught snippets of your farewell tour. How are things coming along with the moving process?


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