Wild Bird Wednesday–Killdeer

Wild Bird Wednesday



One evening we drove out to check on the eaglets, and were greeted by this Killdeer in the parking lot. There was a narrow grassy area between the parking lot and the street, and the Killdeer busily ran to and fro, making the usual sudden stops as it went. They are great fun to watch. More info here.

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26 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–Killdeer

    • I wouldn’t be surprised. We didn’t see one, but then, we weren’t looking for it. This one wasn’t doing it’s “drag the wing” act they often do to draw attention away from a nest area.


    • One summer there was a house along our neighborhood walk area with a tall patch of grass in the yard. Sure enough, a Killdeer came strutting out of it, toward us, dragging its wing in hopes we wouldn’t notice the nest tucked away. The folks were kind enough to mow around it until the young left. They build nests right out in the open. The first one I ever saw built a nest in the middle of my brother’s driveway!

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  1. Oh that is a great picture of the killdeer. We have many of them around here where I live and I love watching them ‘run’ down the road. I think of them as mini road runners. : )


  2. Neat looking bird and a wonderful shot you took! Stay cool, Patti, in this HOT Virginia Beach weather.


  3. i have always wondered about their name, what it means. i love shore birds, but i have never seen this guy!! wonderful capture!!!!


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