Checking in

Checking in

It’s late Monday, I returned home this evening from my weekend stay with the grandkids.  Hubby had planned to go with me, but wasn’t up for a trip after aggravating his back. His chiropractor suggested he take it easy this weekend–and he’s improving. We have an excursion planned, so it’s in his best interest to be roadworthy! 

Rain was my travel companion, Saturday.

Our eldest granddaughter is preparing for a month-long mission trip to Guatemala.

A carful of lovely young ladies.

The youngest ones on a recent race day, Tough Mudder, Obstacle Course Racing (OCR).

photo courtesy of their mother




11 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. What a fun time even if you had to do it without the hubby. A trip to Guatemala sounds amazing. I am sure she is going to have some fabulous experiences and be a light to those there in many ways.

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    1. We’re partial to them. 🙂 The nine- and ten-year old want to come visit this summer “from Friday-Monday” so they can see what we do on the weekend. LOL The nine-year-old is the one who texted me to see what I was doing–then told me I have a boring life!


  2. Beautiful grandchildren, Patti! I know you must be very proud of your granddaughter going to back to Guatemala. Hope your husband is better soon.


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