Wild Bird Wednesday #152 Bald Eaglets

Wild Bird Wednesday

Yesterday, I teased you with the far-away photo of the Bald Eagles. Today you can see them better. 

Hubby and I are fascinated with the Bald Eaglets, and being able to observe them. They’re 14 weeks old now, trying out their wings. Well, one of them is overachieving in that department. It is probably the oldest of the three. Two days ago, one eaglet was in the far left tree all alone. When we saw it today, it didn’t appear to have moved at all! Others have seen them testing their wings, crash landing, etc., but they tend to get back to the nest area so they’re ready when the next meal arrives.

Adult Bald Eagle delivers lunch.
That evening, the one that remained at the nest in the morning decided to join its sibling on the branch. You can see it is considerably smaller, probably the last to hatch.
Around mid-day, Tuesday, I only saw two eaglets, and this one was getting serious.
Look at that vertical jump!
Back to the branch.

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