Share Your World–2015 Week 25

Share Your World

I like Cee’s new format for Share Your World. What are your thoughts? You can create a post and link to Cee’s blog, or leave your responses in the comments below. 

What did you or did not like about the first apartment you ever rented?
We didn’t like the furnace not staying lit in winter. It was 42F degrees inside the apartment one morning. 

What kind of art is your favorite? Why?
I like to see various types of art; my favorite to create is mixed media.

How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order?
I have three OLDER brothers, and I’m #4.

Complete this sentence:  I’m dreaming of a white …. (and no you can’t use Christmas as your answer)
…article of clothing that remains white all its days.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I’m grateful to observe a Bald Eagle nest and three eaglets that will be ready to leave before long, and I look forward to seeing the grandkids soon! 

One of the eaglets can be seen in the tree on the far left. One is still on the nest; the third is on the limb closest to the nest; an adult is perched farther out on the limb. I observed the adult as it moved away from the nest little by little, and the eaglet tentatively followed. 

Teaser–close-up shots to come later in the week.

23 thoughts on “Share Your World–2015 Week 25

      1. the others would say i was spoiled because my parents were ‘worn out’ by the time they got to me. but i toed the line quite well, too. i had one older sister that would pick on me, some. but my older brothers usually told her to cut it out. 🙂

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  1. What a great shot. Last night’s local paper had a picture of a juvenile eagle being rescued from a local bridge. Seems he had hit a wire or something and broke a wing and couldn’t take off. Some concerned citizens blocked traffic, somehow trapped him in a box and took him to the local animal shelter to be fixed up.


    1. I’m glad there are people willing (and able) to help the injured birds, Peg. It’s amazing to observe them up close via nest and enclosure cams as they rehabilitate. Seeing them released back into the wild, live and in person, gets one’s adrenalin pumping! I’ll bet trapping and boxing one up does the same!


  2. wow on the eagles in the tree… I am dreaming of a biscuit or cookie with no calories. my first apartment i was afraid to stay in that neighborhood when new hubs went to work the midnight shift. we moved after 60 days


  3. I bet the eagles were a great treat for you. I don’t ever consider wearing white, because I can just look at it from across the room and it gets dirty. I can understand your answer 😀 😀 Thanks.


    1. We always enjoy the opportunity to see eagles, osprey, etc. White clothes have a strong magnetic attraction that draws food to them. 😉 Thanks for hosting, Cee!


      1. I was thinking the same as Cee about wearing white clothes. You see it get dirty just by looking at it. Although, for many years I had off-white khaki pants for work. I used to wear them when I went to see my daughter. I don’t know what it was about them, but bleach worked great and they lasted a long time, so it didn’t ruin them either. I got out red Georgia clay, puppy blood, and all kinds of dog snot and food that they wiped all over me. The off-white pants actually cleaned up better than my black pants did! Of course, I couldn’t bleach black so that might be why.



  4. Exciting about the eagles. First apartment we liked everything because it was the first ever. I like photo art. Like yours. Cool. I was the first and so the oldest child. Answering the other part of this one is more difficult, because I was part of a blended family. Including steps and halves, I have eight brothers and three sisters. We are all adorable. I’m dreaming of a White Russian. I thought Cee’s new format was lovely. Blessings to you, Patti…


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  6. We spend a good bit of time watching them–if we can get a parking spot in the limited area. They are on city property, posted with No Trespassing signs. Most folks obey and stay back. They have a construction project on hold because the Bald Eagles, having once been on the endangered list, have priority. I didn’t realize you had come from a large, blended family. Surely it is true that “adorable” describes your family to a “T.” Your answer of a White Russian made me laugh. That was the favorite drink of the founder of the company my husband works for. I’ve never heard anyone else mention it. Blessings to you, Carol Ann!


  7. The first apartment I rented was in college with a gal pal and it had roaches… ewwww. And I don’t just mean a few here and there, you had to get their permission to get in the fridge. There was an army of them.
    My favorite art is picture taking and then tweaking the pictures with a photo editing program. I do love looking at other people’s watercolor art.
    I am an only.
    I am dreaming of a soft serve white twist ice cream cone with some chocolate twisted in… 😀


  8. How fun to watch the Eaglets leave the nest! They are such majestic birds. And white clothes? I love them, but like you said, they are a magnet for food stains, especially something red.


  9. I tried on a cute white eyelet sundress at Old Navy. It was discounted because the zipper did not work and then my middle did not enhance! I am working on that. You are so fortunate to see the eagles…


  10. I don’t have many white articles of clothing because it’s just an invitation for disaster (between my two sons and me, seriously, bright and colorful prints are a safer bet!) My first apartment was awful – it was roach-infested.


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