Willy Nilly Friday 5 #48

Willy Nilly Friday 5–Randomness

1. A Grackle juvenile crossed the feeder several times figuring out how to get to the seed.

DSCN2517 (1)


2.  They don’t need lessons when it comes to water…


3. …or finding their own earthworms.


4. This Brown-headed Cowbird came with the Grackle family. (A bit of a blur–he was busy!)

DSCN2590 (1)

5. Canada Geese at the botanical garden.


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34 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday 5 #48

    • It took awhile before it figured out how to get inside. There was also seed in an open feeder, and some on the ground, but the grackle was determined to get in there.


    • Thanks! We try to keep them spoiled so we can observe them. Our neighbors, who also feed them, are moving soon. I may inherit more birds if the new owners don’t provide for them. That might set up some territorial disputes.


    • Yes, even baby grackles are cute, Pix. 🙂 They’re fun to watch as they find their way around. I love to see the young house finches trying to land on the little pegs on the tube feeder.


  1. They’re all great pictures! I didn’t get pictures of it, but the robin has been really enjoying our birdbath this week. One of my herb planters is empty and I had a sparrow do a long dirt bath in there too.



    • Thanks, Nancy. They can throw some water around–no need to water the lawn! LOL I watched a house sparrow doing the dirt bath, but didn’t get pictures of that worth sharing. It was behind a clump of grass whenever I snapped.

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    • Thanks, Marie. As usual, the weekend was gone in a jiffy. We did get to observe juvenile Bald Eagles Sunday. The nest is in a tree near our church. Did you do anything fun this weekend?


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