Good Fences #65

Good Fences #65

Major road construction project.

Major road construction–Dominion Boulevard project

This photo hid in my stash for when I ran out of really GOOD FENCES. The scenery isn’t nearly as pretty as most, but all those pink flags caught my eye as I sat at the traffic light. Once again, this is a cell phone shot. 

This project commenced January 2013 and is on target to be completed early 2017. It replaces a steel drawbridge that opened an average of 16 times per day for traffic on the waterway. (Truly a test of patience for rush-hour traffic). The highlighted link shows the new bridge, and yes, I drove over it!

good fences


15 thoughts on “Good Fences #65

  1. That is the project that went right through H’s landfill and disrupted their work space…ah, but all for progress! (It was all good since we know H will no longer need all that acreage.) I’ve gone out there a few times in the past month. You should see the bridge from the top of the landfill; it’s an incredible sight!

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  2. Traffic, sometimes there’s a reason!! I wonder when this project will finish up, a big project like this rarely finishes on schedule!!


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