Willy Nilly Friday 5 #47

Willy Nilly Friday 5

1. My “gardening buddy” from a previous post found a friend. The friend came for lunch with a flock of pigeons. When the pigeons were startled and fled the scene, my little buddy went with them. I guess it gave up the gardening life to be a bird. 

My “buddy” sits on the left with the unruly feather. That’s how I identified it.

2. Last weekend, we took a different route to Norfolk Botanical Garden to find an Osprey nest hubby learned about from a coworker.

Osprey are resourceful, look at all those recycled materials!

3. I need to post this photo (from Norfolk Botanical Garden) in my garden so the newly seeded bed will know what it’s supposed to be when it grows up. 

Butterfly garden

4. Found this chart for flower ID posted at the botanical garden. 

Or were they showing their seeds what look to strive for?

5. You know it’s hot when even the pigeons lie around the pool! 



28 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday 5 #47

  1. just look at your ‘new look’. So clean, so easy to read. Love the birds, especially the osprey since I get to watch one every day sitting atop a cell tower near my apartment. And, those pigeons… bless their hearts…. just plumb worn out and hot to boot.


  2. the piegons have there very own water front property. great shot of the osprey. the park where my hubby flies his remote control airplanes, about 2 miles from home, there are two nest like this and both have families right now. yesterday the daddy osprey thought Bob’s plane was a danger and started diving at it. he pays no attention to the fast flying planes, but when he flew the slow one he saw danger. the osprey is in not danger, bob can out fly him


    1. I hope Bob can outrun him, too! LOL One of my husband’s coworkers flies RC helicopters, and I’ve seen some guys at Mt. Trashmore with RC boats on the lake.They really do enjoy them.


    1. Thanks, Pix! I’m seeing lots of little green things popping up out there. Some I recognize as the usual weeds…
      I do enjoy that section of the botanical garden, especially when the butterflies are released. It really comes alive.


    1. Thanks, Theresa. I hope it works on the plants. Lots of little green things peeking through. I miss my little buddy, but she seemed so happy to find the other cowbird–like she was drawn to it. I thought it was interesting, because she doesn’t know what she looks like.


  3. Great photo of osprey! Osprey’s nest reminds me of “Sanford and Son’s.” Recycling, ay? I can picture this osprey cleaning up the environment to augment its nest. Blessings to you, Patti…


  4. Nice Friday Five – The Osprey Nest if very cool. Got a chuckle about your showing your garden what it’s supposed to look like when it grows up. Those pigeons by the pool were fun too.


  5. Fun to see the osprey nest. It’s always interesting to see what things lying about that birds will incorporate into their home decor. I wish you much success with your butterfly garden! I think my plants could use a role model chart too.


  6. oh my gosh, love the unruly feather, that is cute! i have a picture of an osprey nest in my archives but i didn’t know what kind of nest it was till i saw it on some blogs, including yours! how cute that the pigeons are laying by the pool and i love that field of flowers! thank you for linking and have a fabulous week!


    1. Thanks for hosting, Tanya. I enjoy this blogging format–a chance to summarize a week, or whatever. We have little green things popping up in the “meadow” garden. Some are typical grass and weeds, but hopefully the flowers will be strong and hold their own.


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