Wild Bird Wednesday #150–Eastern Towhee

Wild Bird Wednesday

At home for a very brief window of time this afternoon, and much to my surprise, I found a new visitor to our yard in that short time of observation. It makes me wonder what I miss when I’m away!

At first glance, I was puzzled. Adorned with deep black feathers here and there, and juvenile streaked feathers on the breast, a white belly, and rufous on the sides–it could be none other than the Eastern Towhee!

I had only seen a male once, earlier this year, rummaging around under the shrubs, so I was quite taken aback with the appearance of a young one. What a lovely surprise! And just in time for Wild Bird Wednesday!

Eastern Towhee, juvenile male
Eastern Towhee, juvenile male

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26 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #150–Eastern Towhee

  1. A great variety of birds and other creatures enjoy your yard. How to do get those great shots? You should have a career as a wildlife photographer.

    A male rufus sided towhee once did a dance on our side rear view mirror in the parking lot at Turkey Lake Park in Orlando, Florida. He saw himself in the mirror and must have thought it was another bird. He was so excited that he refused to leave even when we walked up to the van where he was parading and singing songs to himself.

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    1. Thank you, Carol Ann. That must have been a sight! This one was so busy, all over the yard, under the bushes, I wondered if I’d even get a decent shot to share.


    1. It doesn’t help that he’s molting his juvenile plumage! He’ll look quite different when all his black feathers come in. I hope he hangs around so I can get a photo.


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