Willy Nilly Friday Five

Willy Nilly Friday Five

It’s no longer Friday, is it? It’s been a busy week, but I feel like I’m making progress around the house.

1. I started off this week with my 1100th blog post. It’s hard to imagine that many posts. Thanks for sticking around and making this journey so enjoyable. Georgette recently reminded me of my humble beginnings, exploring my own backyard. I’ve moved away from home-body status and enlarged my borders. I appreciate that you spend a few moments of your precious, limited time to stop by and say ‘hi.’ 

2. Last weekend we sowed the seeds of a butterfly/hummingbird meadow in some bare areas of the garden. After three days of rain and a wee bit of sunshine, I’m seeing tiny green leaves. 


Will require thinning, we kinda overdid it.

The lilies are slowly withering, but the bee balm and milkweed are ablaze. Now all we need are bees and butterflies!


Asiatic Lilies


Bee Balm


Butterfly Weed

3. This morning I noticed a “Sold” sign appeared on the “For Sale” sign of the house next door. Looks like we’ll get new neighbors soon. I know the current residents are itching to return to their beloved Maine.  

4. I spent the entire day Friday cleaning my “art” room. 

I don't think I can get much more in here...I'll let you know when I find the desk!

I don’t think I can get much more in here…I’ll let you know when I find the desk!

5. Found these cute pelican light and fan pulls.


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35 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday Five

  1. hope the new neighbors will be good ones! i’ve got lots of butterflies and bees here. they’re enjoying the last of the firewheels and other wildflowers and just a few blooms i planted in the yard (thank goodness mother nature takes good care of them because i sure don’t!)


    • Thanks, Theresa. I like a garden that takes care of itself most of the time. I hope the wildflower meadow turns out like the one we enjoy at the botanical garden. Hubby says he’d gladly give up the lawn maintenance for that.


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish I had a butterfly/hummingbird meadow. I do feed the hummingbirds and enjoy doing so. Enjoyed your pretty photos. Paula from south Texas

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    • Thanks, Paula. I used to hang a feeder for hummers, faithfully, but never saw any. I gave it to my daughter, and they found her right away. Hopefully, some of the flowers might attract them. My neighbor actually did have one visit last summer, now that I think about it. Thanks for stopping by!


    • Thank you, Maggid. That’s the only room that’s neat and organized, believe me! I hope to keep working at it, but I’d rather do yard work, or get out and walk or hike while the weather is nice. Glad you enjoyed your visit to my garden!


    • Thanks, Margaret. I saw lots of different little bugs and bees when I was out there today. Mostly I’ve seen Cabbage White butterflies, and a few Black Swallowtails.


  3. the flowers are really beautiful… love the pelican pull… and i hope you get great new neighbors, every time one of ours has changed we have held our breathe waiting to see who moved in. once the house behind us the people who moved in played loud music that i could stand in my kitchen and feel the walls move….


  4. I planted Bee Balm for the first time this year: anxiously awaiting the blooms! Isn’t it fun to see something you planted SPROUT??! Your craft room is so tidy. I couldn’t dare post pics of mine right now. And, I’m hoping you get “good” neighbors!


    • I hope your Bee Balm does well. It spreads from year to year–I love that! Those little green leaves are a gift! It is nice to see things grow. That’s only half the craft room…I’m working on it–determined to use it more often. It’s frustrating when I can’t even find a spot on the desk to address an envelope! Thanks for the good-neighbor wishes!

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    • Ha! I know what you mean, Stewart. At least temporarily, I will remember what I actually have on hand. But when it comes to finding it a month from now–all bets are off! I need to finish labeling those drawers. 😉


    • Thanks, Cindy. The art room is the only area of my life I can keep in order–and even that is a stretch sometimes. Things seem to collect in there, then I have to make time to find them a home, or wonder of wonders, actually make something!


  5. The butterfly/hummingbird meadow sounds wonderful.
    What pretty flowers. I use to have some Bee Balm but the plant died one winter.
    Maybe you could come help me clean my Art Room – It’s a mess.


  6. I broke my back end of March weeding, turning soil, watered planted and not a single flower seed came up in the whole place. My yellow squash taking up just fine though. I may have to start therapy for this.


    • The Butterfly Weed is really outdoing itself this year! It has never looked this good, or spread as much. Apparently, the cold winter didn’t faze it. Thanks, Anita. 🙂


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