Five Photos, Five Stories–Day One

Five Photos, Five Stories–Day One My sweet friend, Dianna at These Days of Mine, tagged me to join the fun with this recent photo/story challenge.  The rules for Five Photos, Five Stories are 1) to post a photo a day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo.  It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or a short paragraph. And 2) each day, nominate another blogger for the challenge. Here goes:

Juvenile Osprey–Out on a Limb

The story for this photo starts with a lovely young lady (that part is fiction) who set out to explore the great, wild, unknown parts of her fair city. Her goal: To commune with nature and get a bit of exercise in the process The trail she chose parallels the edges of a lake and a creek. The beginning of the trail wends its way through a marshy area. The dense greenery overhead shields her from the hot sun and provides nesting areas for numerous species of birds, brought to her attention by the demanding calls of the young for the parents to hurry up and put dinner on the table.  As she progresses, she notices underfoot this trail is not hard-packed like the bike trail she walked previously. Some areas hold loose sand as one would find on a beach. It provides a good workout for her calf muscles. It was rather narrow in places as the grasses and foliage carried out their sinister plot to take over. Just past the lake, the trail takes a sharp left and segues into a boardwalk. The surrounding wide-open area looks like a home for trees past their prime. Most are gnarled and bowed down to the earth, waiting to return to the soil. Those remaining tall and erect hold promise in their barren branches. They stretch forth their arms to welcome and invite the Osprey to build a home and nurture their young.                                                                                                

                                                                                     *     *     *     

I would like to nominate Pastor Joseph Elon Lillie of Lillie-Put to share Five Photos, Five Stories