Willy Nilly Friday 5 #45

Willy Nilly Friday 5

1. I checked out a new (to me) trail at First Landing State Park today. When I arrived at the boat-launch parking lot, I followed a narrow, meandering  path along the water to see what I could see. This is what I found:

I could have stayed on the road and ended up in this parking lot. Oh, well, where’s the fun in that!

2. Saw this amazing cloud on the way to my daughter’s last week. The sun was setting and I couldn’t look, so I pointed the cell phone out the window and snapped–that explains the wonky angle. At least, I hope it does. 

3. Is it odd that I have to look at my photos to see what I did this week? 

4. The Asiatic Lily waited until I got home to bloom. I was afraid I’d miss it.

5. We have a railroad excursion with a steam locomotive coming up this summer. 

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