Good Fences #59

Good Fences #59

I went to the botanical garden for a walk–and to see the rhododendron and azalea blossoms before it was too late. This is the only fence in all the photos I took that day.


Mallards on a Date



I’ll be sharing some of the amazing flowers over the next few posts.
P.S. I attempted to comment on several blogs linked to Good Fences tonight. I keep getting the set of pictures to select the matching photos to prove I’m not a robot. I’m unable to see the bottom row of pictures, and tried multiple times to get through. Finally, in frustration, I gave up. 

good fences


25 thoughts on “Good Fences #59

    • I think the problem is because I’m on WordPress. I have to do word verification every time I leave a comment on Blogspot. Last night, it only showed the pictures. Usually, when I try to refresh it, it will switch to numbers or something I can do. On some blogs, only six of the nice photos show. That makes it impossible to comment.


    • Thanks, Theresa. When I click “I’m not a robot” on your blog and a few others, I only have to enter the numbers it shows, then my ID. Not all blogs work the same on verification. At least if it was consistent, it would help.


    • Our blossoms seem to be holding on for a long time this year. I hope yours do, too. I remember one year, almost as soon as they bloomed, we got a nor’easter that blew all the flowers away. That was so sad! Thanks!


    • I’m on WordPress, so I always have to do word verification of some sort, proving I’m “not a robot” on every blogspot blog when I leave a comment.


  1. Sorry to hear you are having technological problems. I hate that when it happens! May it resolve quickly. Great photos of your visit to the botanical garden. Lovely! Now there’s a fence that’s a wall, also. We have a wall around our property, but it’s not as ornate as this one. It does fence us in. Blessings to you, Patti…


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