Random 5 Friday

Random 5 Friday

1. A recycling event takes place at Mount Trashmore Saturday. I should be helping hubby…

2. Today’s been a productive day–paperwork, card-making, a little weeding, feeder scrubbing, birdbath filling–I even vacuumed before going out to play. My back is doing much better!

3. I should have taken pictures–I potted dwarf marigolds and sedum. Will have to post those next week.

4. This week, someone purchased a winning lottery ticket about a block from our house–$3,000,000!

5. Our son-in-law was cleared by his doctor earlier this week to run a 50-mile race tomorrow (Saturday). He’d had a stress fracture in his leg. Go Charlie! 

Have a great weekend! Hubby says there’s a trip to Lowe’s and/or Home Depot in our future. Do you have plans?



14 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday

  1. You got a lot accomplished, Patti. I am working on washing baseboards. Yuck. I have mapped out the project to be completed over many, many days. I spend only about 30 minutes on any given day washing the baseboards appointed to that day. Blessings to you…

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  2. 1. I remember when I first heard about Mt. Trashmore. It is an impressive accomplishment.

    2. Glad your back is better.

    3. Sounds pretty. I have yet to take a trip to the nursery.

    4. I heard about that. Amazing that the ticket winner is only a block from your house.

    5. Congratulations to your son-in-law. I wish him good luck on his race.

    As for Lowes and Home Depot, we have a lot of things we need to do around our house, so I see a lot of trips there ourselves.


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