Wild Bird Wednesday–White-throated Sparrow

Wild Bird Wednesday

I saw a flash of bright white, and took a closer look. The white throat and white-and-yellow eyebrow stripe on the White-throated Sparrow have really popped! Not the clearest photos, the sparrow was very busy, many times by the time I snapped a shot, it had already moved.

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23 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday–White-throated Sparrow

  1. i see/feed these little ones all winter. i scatter seed on the ground for them, as they don’t seem to like to be on the feeders. some days, it seems like i have about 25 of them!!!!


    • I feed on the ground, too. The sparrows and juncos like that. I usually have about a dozen in winter. One pair always seems to stay behind after the others are gone.


  2. Oh he’s a pretty little thing.
    You can find my email address it you click on my profile at the bottom of my posts.
    Under my picture will be the work email. Just click on that.

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