Random 5 Friday–the Monday-after version

Random 5 Friday

1. Plans are made to be changed–at least that’s what I’ve heard. We intended to drive to our daughter’s Friday evening, but things got moved around during the week, so we aimed for Saturday morning–which came and went. It’s amazing how many delays one can experience in a short amount of time. Finally, at 3:30 Saturday afternoon, we were on our way. Did I mention it rained?ย 

2. Sunday turned out to be warm and sunny, so we filled two SUVs with people and headed for Old Town Fredericksburg.ย 


3. We found evidence spring is near!


4. Some had ice cream,ย 


and I saw a horse-drawn carriage. (This one’s for you, Dianna K.)



No Loitering--what a rebel!

No Loitering–what a rebel!

5. Today, I discovered redbud trees in bloom in our area!


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26 thoughts on “Random 5 Friday–the Monday-after version

    • I’d driven from my home to downtown Norfolk, and hadn’t seen any redbuds on the way, but there were many in bloom in this area around the medical campus. It was a nice surprise to see them.


  1. Yes, indeed….delays and changes of plans. And, yes, on the RAIN on Saturday. I was driving in it, too. Glad you made it to your daughter’s; looks like you all had a great weekend! Sweet of you to think of me when you saw the horse and carriage (I would have been taking a ride!).
    I think all of us are even more ready for spring this year than usual.


    • It was so nice to get outside without being swathed in bundles of clothes, Dianna. I don’t know how many carriages it would take for our group! LOL We’ve always wanted to take the tour, but our schedules didn’t align. Maybe one day we’ll do it. It’s a beautiful area. The colorful signs of spring were a delight to find.


  2. Oh the redbuds! Glad you made your trip! Love Old Town Fredericksburg… we came very close to moving to Fredericksburg… true. I wonder what our life would have been like??? Hmm. A very nice Random 5 Patti!


  3. Sounds like a lovely day.
    I love those big work horses!!
    One time I lived on a street named Red Bud Ct – no there were no red bud trees on it.


    • I could spend a LOT of time up there exploring. I want to visit all the little shops! The redbuds were a total surprise. I hadn’t seen anything blooming until those–all I could think was “When did that happen?”


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