Thankful Thursday: Snow Day

Thankful Thursday:  Snow Day

A snow day is not something I look forward to, but today, I’m thankful to have one. For a little while at least, it seems like the world slows down. There are fewer cars traveling the road in front of the house, and they’re driving a slower pace. The snow muffles some of the sounds. With 5-inches of snow, a lot of birds show up at the feeders. Well, it was quiet for awhile! 

13 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Snow Day

  1. When the world is covered in wintry white, it does seem to stop for a moment. You can almost hear the air breathe and the trees exalting the Creator for the beauty He gives while I briefly marvel in silence the gift we were given until the cold hand of reality slaps me. lol Oh to be a kid again without a second thought about the snow day! The youngsters in your neighborhood had a good time. I loved reading about their escapades sliding and roasting marshmallows! Simple, unadulterated fun! Snow remains around us. The sun hid behind the clouds yesterday, but the warming temperatures Mother Nature provided gave our neighborhood streets the help needed to make travel possible. All I can say is TGIF, let the weekend begin!! 😀


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