Good Fences #46

Good Fences #46

We had a lovely day Wednesday–mid-50s F. I wish I could say the same about today–the wind is something else, and it’s 20+ degrees colder. I’m glad we got to play outside yesterday!


good fences

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20 thoughts on “Good Fences #46

  1. Love the photos what a fun little beauty to cross the fence and slide to the other side. 🙂
    Yep, we’re back down in the teens this morning. It’s so frickin’ cold. I’m thankful that we aren’t covered in snow or ice though.
    Take care and stay warm.


  2. Nice fence in your photo. Fifty is still a chilly temp. Winter where I am, as far as cold weather is concerned, seems to be past. The sun is shining today as yesterday and hopefully tomorrow. We had a really cold rainy day, then fog the next day, and now sunshine and warmth. I took a walk today. I don’t like to walk in cold weather. Blessings to you, Patti…

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