Wild Bird Wednesday #133–American Crow

American Crow

The American Crow is a large, stately bird, though quite skittish. Occasionally, they will visit our backyard for corn or peanuts. More often, they are found at the local shopping center hanging out with the seagulls, waiting for someone to toss a French fry their way.

The oldest recorded wild Crow lived to be 16-years-old. One in captivity lived 59 years.

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31 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #133–American Crow

    • They are interesting, but we have no crops for them to damage, and somebirdy or squirrel is going to eat the peanuts–might as well have some variety for WBW! πŸ˜‰


    • What? You don’t like that rusty-door-hinge creak they make? I never liked when blackbirds came by the dozens and cleaned out the feeders, but I haven’t seen as many grackles in recent years. I read that their numbers are declining. That troubles me, in an environmental way.


  1. Nice photos of the crows. Didn’t know they lived that long. I like to watch the crows in my yard. There are 5 of them and I see them often in the pine trees out back.


    • I just learned of their life span, too. My in-laws lived in a rural area. They carried food scraps to the back, wooded part of their property for the crows. They were huge crows! (Well-fed!)


  2. Crows have personality. I notice how the crow looking straight at your camera seems to confront you, like he wants to know just why you are standing there looking at him. Great photos! Blessings to you, Patti…


    • They have a roost near the water where a LOT of them stay the night. I hear them when out walking in that area in the late afternoon/early evening. I would love to see how many there are, because there is a lot of noise.

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    • Thanks, Stewart. They are interesting, and I’ve read they are quite intelligent. Maybe we could learn something from them! Thanks for hosting, it’s always fun to see everyone’s bird finds.


    • I never would have either, E.C. I’ve heard some of the large parrots live 70 years, so I guess if the conditions are right the crows can have a long life, too. They are stunning in their shiny blackness.

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