A New Park in the Making

A New Park
with Good Fences!

The city of Virginia Beach sent their Outdoors Newsletter today, encouraging us to stop couch surfing and get outside! They listed new places to explore, so I didn’t waste any time. Right after lunch with hubby…and a short jaunt to the Apple store…I stopped at the Lake Lawson/Lake Smith Natural Area.

It’s a 42-acre preserve with over 12,000 feet of shoreline. It offers fishing, kayaking, a boat ramp, picnic shelter, playground, paved and soft trails for walking. Fencing is in place to stabilize the shore to prevent erosion and re-establish native vegetation. Lots of good fences! 

Click on any photo to bring up a slide show, mouse over for captions. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll keep you updated on the progress, as I intend to visit again.

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34 thoughts on “A New Park in the Making

    • I didn’t cover all the area, it was a bit chilly today. I think I could hang out there on a regular basis. I’ve seen egrets and herons in another part of that lake, so hoping to see them when they come around for a bite of fish. 🙂


  1. PattiSJ, I love Virginia Beach! I was there twice for an international congress and both times stayed for three weeks. There’s a lot to see and do, isn’t there? Hope I can get back for another visit one day. Thanks for sharing about this park; I didn’t have time to visit parks when I was down. ~ Linne

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    • I found a bench they put in place, but there didn’t seem to be much of a view. I will have to keep exploring. There is a footbridge to connect two islands, I didn’t go that far today.


  2. I was needing to get off the couch! I like the lower heavy fence too. I think you are a bit warmer than we are Patti, although it was a sunny beautiful day today until a heavy cloud cover moved in around 4pm. Great assortment of fencing… or fencery as Tex would say.. 😀


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