Randomness on Wednesday

Randomness on Wednesday

1. Good news on J’s progress! As he put it, he doesn’t need “nails” in his leg. Yay for no surgery! Follow-up in three weeks, and maybe the cast will come off.









2. Do you remember this little blonde–running on air, doing nothing when she grows up, always ready to give a leg up when needed? Well, she has a birthday this week! #4 Happy birthday, Z!

Wants to do nothing when she grows up











3. Last night was our monthly writers group meeting. I think it’s going to be a great year–new ideas, more writing practice, etc. If you’re in the area, everyone is welcome, so let me know if you’re interested.

4. Last year I thought I’d created the perfect writing spot, but it didn’t work out so well. I’ll share more in another post, in the process of moving to the upstairs.

5. Hubby’s home, I’m off to make fried zucchini sandwiches for dinner–one of his favorites.

What have you been up to? Feel free to share your random thoughts in the comments.


22 thoughts on “Randomness on Wednesday

  1. Your grands are adorable. Happy Birthday to Z and I am glad your grandson is doing okay now and doesn’t need further ops. Your husband’s favorite sounds interesting. Will you share the recipe sometime?


  2. Yay fo J! No surgery is great news!!
    I do remember that little blond running on air.. I thought back when you posted that click it was darling and I still think it is the cutest click… such forward momentum determination.. 😀 Happy Birthday Z.. !
    Good luck on all things “writing”, especially finding your spot. It took me two times to find my zen room.. 🙂
    Fried zucchini sandwiches? I love zucchini just about any old way but I have never had a zucchini sandwich 💡
    Good Morning Patti!
    You know what I’ve been up to and I am ready to go back.. 😀 Thanks for your thoughts on the comment issue!

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  3. First, so glad to see grandson smiling in spite of the crutches. He’s trying hard I know, but I can see it.
    Zucchini sandwich? Sounds like something Rick may like. Please share. Is it on French bread?


    1. I’ve never gotten the newsletter. I think I read the last one on HRW website. Do I need to sign up for it? Plans sound like a plan to me! I found some nearby places to explore–when it’s warmer. Free!


  4. Good to hear he doesn’t need surgery! God id so good! She is a little cutie! Can’t wait to see your new writing area! I have some changes coming soon, I hope. Still in prayer so not saying much now.


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