Saturday’s Critters #57

Saturday’s Critters 

Monday I filled feeders and before I could get back into the house, the pigeons took off with the sound of thunder. That usually means a predator is nearby. Sure enough, a hawk (I think it’s a young Cooper’s) alit in our neighbor’s tree. I went in for the camera, hoping the hawk would still be there when I returned.

This is a look we don’t often see, the feathers fanned out.
Curious, the hawk decided to get a closer look.


It flew across the yard, toward me, and perched in our oak.
It pulled feathers in…
…spread them out again–looked over its shoulder to see if I was documenting…
…and then I think I was mooned!

I got a dozen shots, repeating this behavior. Do you suppose this is the hawk version of twerking? I can’t believe I even typed that!
Have a great weekend!
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46 thoughts on “Saturday’s Critters #57

  1. Hello Patti, what an awesome series on the hawk.. I had to laugh over the being mooned comment.. Funny.. Great photos.. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

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  2. I think the hawk is beautiful if only they didn’t like to attack small animals! You’re right, Patti, I think he was mooning you too! lol Wonderful pictures!

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  3. Fantastic photos Patti, you have captured this beautiful hawk in such great detail, and I love how his feathers spread out like that. A real beauty! I expect your other smaller birds were hiding when he was around, the squirrels too.

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  4. Wow, you got some great captures, particularly the one facing you! We have a Cooper’s that visits our yard quite frequently, particularly when it is very cold. Hubby teases me that I bait the Cooper’s by feeding the little birds. 😦 Yet, it is exciting to watch it come around. Even the squirrels are ‘on guard’ when he’s in the neighborhood!


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