Wild Bird Wednesday #131–Great Egret and Brown Pelican

Wild Bird Wednesday #131


Monday, I had an appointment with my hair stylist. On a previous visit, I noticed a “Duck Crossing” sign nearby, so this time I made sure the camera came along. No ducks today–but I did see this Great Egret.


Passing Mount Trashmore on the way home, I pulled in to see what was happening over there. Much to my surprise, a Brown Pelican was hanging out on the pier.

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31 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #131–Great Egret and Brown Pelican

    • It’s been so cold, I haven’t taken it with me when it would be left in the car for a long while. But that is good advice, because one just never knows what opportunity will present itself.


    • They have signs up asking people not to feed birds at the park, but that doesn’t stop some people. It tends to draw more birds to the area than the lake environment can support, bacteria levels get out of hand, then birds get sick.


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